TECTUS Roofing Systems was founded in 2009 with the mission to offer professional alternatives in the field of roofing and insulation material. We are a modern company with strong roots in the roofing industry. Already in 1972, the family had been trading with different construction materials and establishing a network of suppliers and customers. Over the years, roofing and insulation materials have become the main focus and we continuously collect insights about product characteristics and industry challenges. This know-how enables TECTUS to identify alternative roofing solutions that improve our customers’ wholesaling or roofing business by increasing their profitability.

After selling second grade roofing for years, we decided to develop an own line of roofing to complement TECTUS product portfolio. We combined our know-how of the product and the market to develop high quality first grade roofing. Today TECTUS is based in Amsterdam and supplies roofing professionals across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

TECTUS | Father and Son

TECTUS supports roofers and wholesalers to find cost-efficient roofing solutions. Our alternatives, your profitability.