Second Grade Insulation

In many situations, second grade insulation is a great and economical alternative to first grade products. Second grade insulation is not spotless and sold without guaranteed technical specifications.

The reason for imperfections can be for example faulty or instable production or warehouse accidents. Naturally, the characteristics of second grade insulation vary. Common imperfections are for example inconsistent measurements, small cuts/holes, air bubbles or imprecise edges.

Add second grade products to your product range and offer cost-efficient alternatives to your clients.

We acquire our second grade insulation directly from factories of renown European producers. Our assortment covers PIR with different finishing (Alu, Bi3) and rock wool of good quality for substantially lower prices. For detailed information on the condition of the products in stock, please get in touch with us. We are happy to provide you with more details and photos.


PIR insulation (polyisocyanurate) is one of the most used insulation type due to its light weight and easy to handle characteristics.

PIR insulation has a yellow foam core and is produced with different finishing:
■  bituminous-treated glass fiber (Bi3) – mainly used for flat roofs, usually combined with bitumen roofing
■  aluminum foil (Alu)

The PIR insulation boards come in different sizes and edge cutting. Please contact us for more details on products currently in stock.


Rock Wool

Rock wool originates from volcanic diabase rock and limestone and is popular due to its non-flammable and acoustic insulating characteristic.

Rock wool comes in different sizes. Please contact us for details on our current stock.


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